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If you are an enlightened homeowner or business who wants to instantly optimize your rustic project equity with - higher resale values ● appraisals ● occupancy rates ● or sales per square foot - welcome to our story . . .

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (ooop’s – wrong story:).  In the early 1960s, my brother Richard and I (hi – I’m Charlie) have fond memories about bolting out of Dad’s car when we arrived at our sacred annual fishing trip destination on Bowstring Lake in northern Minnesota.  It was the very first time we had ever seen a log structure and it was love at first sight.

Over time, we kept thinking that there must be a more environmentally correct way to build a log home.  In 1991, we finally got a chance to act upon our dream when we received a research grant from the University of Minnesota-Duluth Wood Products Laboratory. And our instincts were proved correct in 1993 - when we were awarded a patent for the world’s first Engineered Insulated Log Siding (EILS) called the Husky Half-Log.


About Us

Log Comparison-Nov 2020.jpg

OK, “time out, what the heck is EILS?”  We laminate kiln-dried dimensional lumber into    large-diameter log profiles and inject high R-value insulating foam into the core. OK          then, “what does that mean?”  Now, you can enjoy the authenticity and high-impact        strength of solid logs with - more energy efficiency ● less maintenance ● less weight ●      more sound attenuation ● and lower installation costs.

Along the way of our numerous EILS installations we began noticing that some structures possessed extraordinary rustic curb appeal.  The most stunning log structures all had one  thing in common – something that we call IMS.  Integrated Massive Scale or IMS, is our  design philosophy that describes integrating all exterior building components into the        most massive scale possible – with perfect visual balance.  IMS is our time-tested method  that maximizes your rustic curb appeal and resale value.

EPS Cabin.jpg

Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) cabin

under construction.

no-IMS-1 (2).jpg

Rural log cabin without any IMS incorporated into the design

Same exact plan with IMS incorporated into the design

And now, with more than 165 North American EILS projects under our belt, and two more patents in the field that we invented

in 1993, we are so proud to introduce the world’s first true super-insulated log building system that combines - our COZEE LOG EILS technology with Energy Panel Systems (EPS) Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs).  Just think of the word “COZEE” as a cozy log structure that’s Energy Efficient!

There is no one in the world who better understands how to combine IMS design concepts

with EILS hybrid log technology - attached to EPS SIPs.

~ We see upscale rustic potential where others cannot ~


Our Services

  • 3d rendering of the IMS makeover of your existing or new COZEE LOG home 

  • Develop plans from your wish list to enable the bid process

  • Design log accent and detailing for the interior of your home

  • Create final plans and construction documents to acquire building permits for your project

  • Manufacture and deliver your COZEE LOGS to the job site 

  • Build your super-insulated COZEE LOG home

Recent Projects

Recent Projects
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Contact Us

40871 Fox Johnson Road

Polson, MT 59860



© 2020 by Elite Rustic Design, LLC. 

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